MRPack v.2.5.2

MRPack 128x128 - это версия пакета ресурсов, адаптированная для строительства мира minecraft в стиле средневековья для версии игры 1.8.9

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Обложка официального пакета текстур от агентства

Would you like to your world to look like it’s the medieval world? I mean when you build something, but the theme and the texture of the block don’t go the same way as your thought. So, why don’t you just apply the resource pack to make it look more matched? Today, I got your back with the medieval style of the pack called MRPack 128x. MRpack is a pretty cool resource pack made by Madeas Gaming. This pack is made with the style of the Middle Ages or what we call medieval. So, that’s how your world will be based on.

Особенности или что нового?

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#1 With this pack installed, your world will be completely changed into something derived from the old world like Middle Ages
#2 With this high resolution, not only the look of the world changed, but also all the textures in your world will become much more pleasant to

Дополнительные сведения

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This high resolution requires you to have Optifine installed first and also you must afford to have an average computer graphic spec to run

The resolution of this pack is available only in 128x


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