*** MRPack «the Middle Ages»
*** MRPack v.2.5.2
*** RPackMG «Beta»
*** Pm_128x v.0.4N
*** RPackMG «Dark Night»


- this resource package for the construction world Minecraft from Madeas Gaming in the style of the Middle Ages.

Features package:

Thanks to its features, the package will appeal to those who like danger and journey, on the map.
The zombie villagers of the game are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Skeletons, zombies and other monsters are well hidden and sometimes they can be mistaken for another player.
Our package is the only one in which there are female villagers-residents, such as the butcher and the farmer!
Nice texture and it will look wonderful when you use shaders. We tried to make some unique items, blocks, bars, blocks clay and glass. The picture will also work for any taste. Everything else you can see after the installation of the package.

Some blocks and items submitted here, assembled as the best and most suitable for personal use in the game in the style middle Ages and new times.
!!!All the right to these texture reserved and it belongs of their authors and owners.!!!

Use rights

All finished blocks added to the 1.9.2 update
This license applies solely to RPackMG resources .
We have rules with which you must agree and to comply with when using our work. You can find these rules below:
- You should not distribute the textures, passing them as your own.
- Distribute pack or the content textures , with or without commercial purposes allowed. Just specify link to the our web-site mggp.ru
- Feel free to take screenshots/video recordings in/from minecraft while using this pack.

____!!! You use these rules are to protect our work !!!____

*** If you want make sure you're downloading the present and/or updated PackMG resource pack, please download it from the legitimate page: http://www.mggp.ru/minecraft_packs
*** If you find this pack in another place, please report on page email Mineim@ya.ru
*** If you have something does not work let us know on www.mggp.ru/forum/110 and we'll work something out.

it's important
With the release of RPackMG_v.2.5.3 Beta and Pm_v.0.4N the modification:
MRPack_128x_v.1.1.0, v.1.1.5, v.1.5.3, v.1.7.0, v.1.9.7, v.2.3.8, v.2.5.0, v.2.5.1_tMA;
Pm_v.0.2N no longer available in network!
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_____________e-Mail: Mineim@ya.ru

Last updated to 1.10.2!
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